This complex service is also becoming more and more popular among individuals and businesses, providing you and your company with an economical and convenient solution.

As a brand-independent fleet manager, vehicle, lease and operation in one place at a fixed monthly rental cost. A company car can be ordered for even one piece of vehicle, with extremely favorable and cost-effective conditions, without operational and administrative tasks.

Our employees can provide you and your company with a service package that satisfies almost every need by combining our construction on demand.

Why is a long-term pass good?

  • The lease structure is an off-balance sheet item, future fees do not appear in the long-term liabilities of the company, they do not increase it, the return on assets is more favorable.
  • The rent can be fully accounted for as an expense in accordance with the provisions of the Accounting Act, thus reducing the tax base of the company.
  • The VAT content of the rent can be reclaimed in the case of passenger cars in proportion to the provisions of the value added tax legislation - in proportion to the use for business purposes.
  • Operating leases and long-term leases do not burden the credit line, the company retains its liquidity.
  • The car is also financed in the case of a passenger car without VAT, at a net value, which saves the amount of VAT.
  • The HUF-based monthly operating cost becomes a fixed, plannable cost over the entire term.

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