If you need a loan, long-term lease or lease-based financing to buy the selected car, we will be happy to help you!

With the help of our independent financial advisor, we can quickly find the most favorable solution and the most suitable financing scheme for you, regardless of whether you are requesting financing as an individual or as a legal entity (company).

1. Vehicle selection

With the help of our staff, it is possible to test the selected and viewed vehicle during a test drive.

2. Pre-calculation

They will discuss and select the most optimal and safest financial construction for you with our staff.

3. Loan application and assessment

Our financial advisory colleague will forward the loan application. After a successful assessment, the necessary documents are signed.

4. Delivery of the vehicle

After paying the deductible required by the Financial Institution, we will write the vehicle in your name, and then you can take possession of the purchased vehicle.

What is required for credit assessment and purchase?

In the case of an individual

  • employer certificate completed by the employer
  • identity card, address card, tax and taj card
  • 3-month bank statement if you receive your payment by bank transfer
  • 8 hours of declared employment of at least 6 months
  • do not have a KHR list or have a tax debt

In case of business

  • NAV current account statement
  • copy of signature title
  • company statement
  • presence of signatory (ies)
  • identity card, address card
  • balance sheet and profit and loss account for the previous year

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