Document office administration

Full administration, including in particular: transcription, first placing on the market, withdrawal from the market, etc. We will take care of everything for you!

Insurance bond

We will help you take out immediate insurance so that you can drive safely on the first road after your purchase. Our independent broker partner selects the most favorable construction for the new owner from the offers of all domestic insurance companies.

Technical exam

If you have purchased your vehicle from us, we will assist you and, if required, with the involvement of our service partners, and we will also undertake the complete preparation of your vehicle for the technical exam and the administration of the exam. Fast and accurate, with the possibility to buy discounted parts!

Examination of origin

An original examination is essential for the rewriting of all vehicles. If required, we will arrange an immediate verification of the origin of the purchased vehicle. During the origin check, a specialist checks the unique identifiers of the vehicle and issues an official official certificate, thus certifying the authenticity of the vehicle.

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